.15 ETH

OWNING THIS NFT grants Full membership to BLVKHVND DAO. You are now part of our community. You have access to join our discord and participate in governance to push BLVKHVND forward collectively.

Your Jersey(s) can be customized with a character count of 15. Use your name, your gamertag, your twitter @ — whatever best expresses you.

If you purchase a jersey and attended the Twitter Spaces, you will receive a special POAP token commemorating this moment.

Jersey owners will be part of a special committee to pitch ideas and contribute to our first alternate kit in collaboration with artists in our community + NFT space.

Jersey NFT owners also get presale access and some redeemable gear from all BLVKHVND Apparel + Merch for an entire year. Jersey NFT owners get free access to BLVKHVND IRL events